Thanks for taking interest in knowing who the authors are…

Utopian Bharat is a blog jointly written by a married Couple from Tamilnadu, India.

A sudden spark to put on Writing our normal discussion/debates regarding Societal Norms, Existing Systems, Government Functioning and alike led to the creation of this blog. (almost after a year of occurrence of the spark though 😉 )

For the readers to get the perception from which we have written, we would just like to inform that we are in our early 30s. Both of us Engineering Graduates and are employed in Govt. Sector.

We understand that in this Smart Phone Era all of us are very busy. So, We have made all possible efforts to be as concise as possible.

We believe that, Thoughts conceived in mind, once uttered have the ability to reach every nook and corner of this world and do wonders..

Utopian Bharat is on-line from 26.01.2018 (Our Republic Day) with just one Post to start with.. We look forward to add at least one brick (i.e. a post) to this edifice of Utopian Bharat every weekend..