How long the parents can be left yearning for their Children’s Care??

Majority of the graduates today end up in a job in their respective State Capitals (if at all they get a job!! Unemployment is a separate problem altogether). The following cycle of events (explained briefly) has become a routine-

  1. Graduates first enter the city (mostly state capitals) as paid guests in a mansion.
  2. Climb up their career ladder.
  3. Purchase a new house in the City.
  4. Get married and have children. Admit the children in city schools paying huge fees.
  5. Leave their Parents suffering alone in their native Village. An experiment to make the parents stay with them in city fails in 95% cases for the known reasons of elders’ aversion to City Culture, inability to adapt to city life or unwillingness to leave their native.
  6. The parents in village and children in cities talk to each other regularly through phone/video calls and meet during Special Occasions/Festivals either in their new city house or old native village.
  7. These graduates always dream of quitting the job after getting a bounty from it (or through some other means) and going back to their natives.
  8. Before the dream is achieved their own Children end up in a similar corporate sector job in cities thereby making their family native of the city itself.

It’s the duty of our Policy Makers and Rulers to evenly distribute the Employment Opportunities across the nation. The biggest employment provider to graduates in last two decades has been the Information Technology Field and its allied Business Product Outsourcing (BPO) Sector. What is surprising is the placement of these Offices in outskirts of all major cities alone thereby increasing the population migration to cities.

Manufacturing Sector definitely requires the placement of its individual departments within a boundary to enable proper pipelining of its manufacturing process which involves physical movement of Commodities from one department to another. Such manufacturing plants also need to be located near the source of its raw materials or near major Harbours/Airports where the raw materials could be imported. But why do mutually independent Project Teams of IT sector kept under same boundary in outskirts of Cities. After all, these teams are dealing only with information (or data) that are transmitted through Wires, Optical Fibre Cables (OFCs) or Electromagnetic Field through satellites!!

As a first step to distribute Employment Facilities evenly across the nation, Government can easily target the IT sector. The Project Teams in IT companies operating presently in outskirts of State Capitals can be easily split into smaller Units and made to operate coherently from various district Headquarters across the nation. Such abstraction of working is not new to IT Projects. A policy should be framed to place the residents of the vicinity alone in the Project Teams of various companies that shall be located in the different district Headquarters. A company like Reliance JIO is able to provide 4G service throughout the nation within no time by laying OFC on the road sides. It must be an easy task for government to make communication facilities available at least in all district head-quarters.

This kind of initiative from Government will serve to reduce the crowd in cities and also enable numerous graduates stay with their parents in villages. As on date, all District HQ are well connected to the villages. We sternly believe, this step is required to preserve the Institution of Village Life of India. How long the parents can be left yearning for their children’s care alone in a remote village?? It’s time to act.


What’s your opinion about distributing IT companies to District HQs?? மென்பொருள் நிறுவனங்களை, மாவட்ட தலைநகரங்களில் பிரித்துஅமைப்பது பற்றி உங்கள் கருத்து என்ன?

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